Truck transportation

Delivery of goods by road is by far the best option on the price and speed ratio.

Road transport at a profitable high speed features delivery between cities and regions that are in relative proximity apart from each other.

Offering the widest possible range of road transport services, we will start with the organization of cargo transportation with minimal customer involvement.

Accumulated market experience in road transport allows our company to effectively use advanced technology in transportation by grouping cargo and investing in continuous improvement, substantial maintenance and lower customer costs.

We will provide you with the following types trucks:

Tent trucks

Container trucks

Special equipment for the transport of dangerous, heavy and oversized cargo

Automobile transportation of goods is the ability to send a small batch of cargo,

The so-called groupage cargo, is much more profitable than sending single batch of cargo with the whole vehicle.

Fleet used by the company for transportation is assigned by customers.

Cargo consists of universal tractors and various types of semi-trailers designed for transportation of a wide range of goods: from universal containers to oversized and heavy metal structures and special equipment.

Container trucks for universal large-capacity transportation

20 ft., 40 ft., 20 ft. High Cube and 40 containers foot high cube (2896 mm), weighing up to 30 t,

Low loader container carriers for universal transportation

Large 20 ft., 20 ft. High Cube containers and tank containers weighing up to 30 t

Flatbed semi-trailers for transportation medium tonnage rail containers with a gross weight of 3 tons, 5 tons, and piece cargoes, metal structures, tanks, etc., transportable in open semitrailers

Onboard semitrailers

equipped with cones for transportation of metal rolling, pipes of any diameter, metal structures, tanks.

Low loader semi-trailers

Platforms for transportation of overall and oversized metal structures, tanks, mobile buildings, container type, block modules, construction change houses or diesel power plants.

Low loader semi-trailers

trailers for oversized and heavy transportation, road construction and special equipment on wheels or tracks 

Truck cranes

for loading and unloading operations on rail and road

Cranes have a loading capacity from 14000 kg up to 150,000 kg