Charter and Shipping agency

Chartering of specialized vessels, equipped with trucks.

Chartering of specialized vessels, equipped with their own cranes, ramps and tweens gives our customer flexibility in cases where available port facilities are clearly insufficient in their performance characteristics to provide overload, or none at all. Using such vessels makes it possible to rise cargo weighing one unit up to 1800 tons

Own cargo devices vessel, which is more relevant in areas with underdeveloped infrastructure when unloading by ship cranes remains the only opportunity to implement overload, thereby maximizing the reducing of distance that it is necessary to overcome the load destinations

Chartering of mixed vessels on rivers and seas

For goods following the territory of Russia from the seaports of Europe and on the contrary, the use of ships mixed shipping  is the best delivery solution, including oversized and heavy cargo.

This can significantly reduce transit time, exclude the need for additional transshipment of cargo from a sea vessel to a river, and significantly reduce the budget of transportation. We offer the most optimal solution to our customers for economical and safe transportation.

Chartering of river barges, along with chartering vessels of river-sea type gives significant advantage to our customers in the chain delivery of goods to the destination.

Often when automobile and railways cannot admit to bulk or oversized loads (such as pipelines, high voltage power lines, buildings, bridges and overpasses or restrictions on permissible loads on area), delivery by river barges is often the only way of delivery of goods to the client.

Platform barges have a large deck area allowing bulk, super-long and super-wide loads for transportation, which, in combinations with fine sediment and knowledge of local conditions, allows you to deliver goods to sections of rivers that are not navigatable for other vessels. Chartering specialized RoRo barges allowing coastal discharge unloading allows to move cargo in places where there is only a berth, without the use of heavy cranes.

Booking a place on liner vessels, partial cargo delivery.

When transporting oversized and heavy cargo following single units or small in parties where there is no need to rent a full vessel we offer our customers reserving places on ships, providing linear service between ports of Russia, Europe, Asia, America and Africa as well as chartering lifting capacity of tramp vessel with a partial cargo base. This method of shipping by sea allows our customers to significantly reduce the budget of carriage as it gives the ability to send small batches of cargo in combination with other cargo

Unlike other shipping companies you only pay for used space not for the full ship.