Cargo Insurance

When making a sale transaction there is a rather long period when the goods sold are transferred from seller to carrier but not accepted from carrier by buyer.

During transportation, goods sometimes disappear, are stolen or spoiled.

The most damaging is theft and shortage of cargo, as well as damage of goods in transit.

To protect yourself from possible material losses, sellers or buyers (depending from the terms of delivery) can contact an insurance company.

Additional information on cargo insurance:

Insurance cover.

Cargo insurance coverage is customarily divided into three types in completeness protection:

* “with responsibility for all risks” – all risks are covered

Generally accepted exceptions (according to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, London Institute Rules insurers);

* “with responsibility for private accident “- an abbreviated list of risks (the same exceptions);

* “without liability for damage, except in cases of crash “- reimbursed only total loss or loss of cargo or individual whole places; damaged cargo reimbursed only if if they have arisen due to a crash of a vehicle.

General contract.

Cargo insurance similar conditions and having certain frequency advisable to implement through conclusion of a general contract insurance. It gives significant cost savings and significantly streamlines workflow.

Insurance premium.

Freight insurance rates depend by type of transport, type of insurance coatings, nature of cargo, type of packaging, number of places, mass of cargo, intensity transportation and many other factors